Coherence Potentials

Posted on March 24, 2013 by Tara Thiagarajan in Science. Comments Off on Coherence Potentials

This section provides a detailed description of coherence potentials.

A coherence potential is a complex negative-positive waveform in the local field potential with a duration between 50 and 250 ms, reflecting aggregate neuronal activity in the local field that has exceeded a particular amplitude threshold and is therefore able to propagate to a large number of sites in the cortex without distortion of its temporal structure or substantial loss of amplitude. This is seen as a synaptic transmission dependent occurrence of the identical LFP waveform at different sites in the cortex with millisecond delays. In stark contrast, waveforms with peak amplitudes below the threshold traverse through the cortex with progressive distortion.

The path of propagation of coherence potentials is not wave like but rather jumps across the cortex to non-contiguous regions and stops abruptly. Generally they can start anywhere and will travel … Read More »